Training Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of “must-haves” to send along with your dog:

  • Current rabies tag or proof of rabies vaccination certificate
  • Their collar w/ ID tags
  • Bag of Dog Food
  • Flea/Tick, Heartworm, or other meds to be administered along with instructions.
  • Favorite toy or bone
  • Crate (*ask your trainer if needed)
  • Long Term Behavior Modification
    DTC USA teaches real life, practical manners and establishes long-lasting habits. Most dogs can “sit” or “down” especially if you have a treat in your hand. It’s more useful to have them behave well in the house and in public places. Our training strengthens the relationship and communication between you and your dog for a lifetime of harmony.
  • Individual Attention
    We limit our training so that you and your dog get the attention you deserve.
  • Team Effort
    Our trainers work together to provide your dog the benefit of combined years of expertise.
  • Public Manners
    Once your dog masters the leash and basic obedience, we take their skills on the road. Field trips allow your dog to practice their training in different settings and with a variety of distractions.
  • Support
    DTC USA provides hands-on training to transfer the basics of leadership to you and your family, setting everyone up for success. Campers are also encouraged to attend ongoing group classes where owners and their dogs can practice their new skills with the support of the DTC USA team.
We allow a few days for your dog to settle in and develop trust before their true personality starts to emerge. It takes time to undo unwanted behaviors and replace them with better habits.
A structured, consistent routine allows us to establish habits that are easy for you to maintain with little effort.
Half of your dog’s training is with us, but the other half is reinforcement and practiced at home with you. We provide all the humans in the household with the tools & techniques they need to maintain everything their dog has learned and support them even after their dog goes home through optional in-home sessions, group classes, and more!
DTC USA communicates with leadership in a way that dogs understand. We also figure out what motivation works best with your dog and individualize the training to achieve the best results. We DO NOT use electronic shock collars.

YES! They will remember you AND the things they used to get away with when they come home. That’s why it’s imperative you keep up with the training we teach you, especially the 1st week they are home, so your dog learns the same rules they followed while with us also apply at home with you as well.

NO! We do not want to change the personality of your dog. He/she will still be the same goofy, shy, stubborn, or feisty dog when they return. It’s up to us to get to know your dog’s unique personality and add to their behavior, not take anything away. We just teach them that calmness and obedience work much better to get our attention and the things they want. They learn to look to us for direction/permission and follow our lead anywhere!
Each trainer has made their own journey so exact certifications will vary. Becoming a DTC USA trainer is an apprenticeship program where their skill level is evaluated and certified by master trainers. This requires many hours of hands-on training with various types of dogs and behaviors, as well as formal class instruction. Other trainers may be considered “certified” after only completing an online course without ever handling a dog. That is not the case with the DTC USA Team. We are the premier trainer of trainers!
Training Camp requires a deposit at confirmation to reserve the dates, with the balance due before the training begins.
You can request an update from your trainer on your dog’s progress at any time during camp. We stay in close contact with you the entire time and happy to provide pictures and videos. You might also see them posted on our social media pages!

Customer testimonials

Dog Training Camp USA
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Katie GerringKatie Gerring
21:22 16 Aug 23
Cory and Melanie and the rest of the team are absolutely fantastic! We left our one year old corgi pups for two weeks and I was amazed at their progress in such a short time. And the boys had such a good time while there! They made sure to send updates and videos of how they were doing, which was so appreciated when being away from them. Cory and Melanie just came for a home visit to check on their progress today, and within 3 minutes of them arriving, our energetic pups were sitting patiently in another room waiting until we invited them to come into the living room. I never thought that would be possible with these two high energy dogs! I’m so glad we met these wonderful trainers and will absolutely be returning for group classes and continuing education stays!😊
Sydney PrindivilleSydney Prindiville
17:41 01 Aug 23
I contacted Dog Training Camp USA because my 3 year old german shepherd, Bjorn, has a big problem with fear reactivity. He was attacked by two dogs about a year ago and has completely changed. What turned the corner for us to look for a trainer was him trying to attack a family member’s dog. At his consult he was a complete mess. Barking and lunging when they opened the door and not calming down the entire time we were there. He was just so anxious and I was an anxious mess even bringing him in. Cory and Melaney were so patient with him immediately and were able to come up with a plan for him to at least be manageable in social settings. They were always up front and realistic about expectations which I really appreciated. At his first private session, Melaney gave us lots of stuff to work on. Bjorn has always listened to what I tell him but I just didn’t know what to tell him until she showed me. We came back today after 2 weeks of training every day and doing exactly what she told us. He’s a completely different dog. He doesn’t bark when somebody rings our doorbell, he doesn’t charge when we have people over, and he’s learning how to appropriately behave outside the house. Today he was even able to walk closely to other dogs without barking or lunging which honestly I wasn’t sure would ever happen. He even laid down and relaxed. He’s much more confident and so am I. I never wanted to “fix” him, I just wanted to ease his anxiety and make him more comfortable and they gave me the tools to do that. I can’t thank them enough, it really feels like I got my boy back and I’m excited to see how he keeps progressing.
Paul KnopfPaul Knopf
17:05 01 Aug 23
Cory and her team were fantastic! We really enjoyed their attention to detail explaining the lessons taught to us during camp. They also conducted an in house follow up that was very helpful! I would highly recommend sending your dog to the Dog Training Camp USA!
Kayla HaleKayla Hale
15:47 29 Jul 23
Everyone here is so passionate about what they do, and they’re so kind. It seems pricey, but the intensive work they do and the resources they provide you with make it more than worth it. You can always ask the trainers questions and they have been so accommodating with any confusion or issues.
Jennifer LanhamJennifer Lanham
00:58 29 Jul 23
Wonderful staff! I was highly satisfied with their professionalism and training approaches. Many thanks from Harry and Ollie
Kelli BannisterKelli Bannister
21:14 31 May 23
We sent Leah to Dog training camp right around the time she turned 6 months old, she was there for 3 weeks.Our biggest concern was potty training, this girl WOULD NOT go outside to go potty. The amount of time & dedication that Melaney spent with her to potty train her was amazing. She didn’t come home fully potty trained but it was more than enough to help us to continue potty train her. Just ask Cory & Melaney about her.. they will explain how difficult this girl is.Her other training went well too, she hardly ever pulls on her leash anymore & if she does, it’s easy to get her back where she needs to be.Dog training goes beyond dog camp but it’s definitely a wonderful place to start! They also offer continuing education classes so your dog can get refreshers and to also help the parents. Boarding and day camp is also a perk.I’d definitely go back if we ever get another puppy.
Rebecca OliverRebecca Oliver
23:16 15 May 23
We had an amazing experience with all of the staff at Dog Training Camp USA. Our Rip was so loved and came home so much calmer and obedient. Their training has truly changed the environment in our home! So many thanks to the whole staff for taking care of our baby and doing an amazing job with him!!
Kelsey TraughberKelsey Traughber
17:13 12 May 23
Cory is amazing! I foster through Southern Indiana Animal Rescue and needed desperate help with my current foster pup, Donut. I was immediately relieved for her guidance and feel so confident in getting Donut ready for his forever home while working with Cory!


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