Give your dog a foundation of behavior that will last a lifetime.


Give your dog a foundation of behavior that will last a lifetime.

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Elevate your Bardstown dog training experience, with our premier service designed to establish a strong leadership foundation that’s effortlessly maintainable. Throughout their stay, we immerse your furry friend in real-life scenarios to instill expected behaviors in various situations. Our focus on a consistent routine fosters trust, integrates basic obedience, promotes better habits and leash skills, nurtures self-control and confidence, and allows their unique personality to shine—without the use of shock collars! Plus, it’s an enjoyable journey filled with ample socialization opportunities.

Prepare for ongoing success with every session located at our camp in Shepherdsville, KY, as each includes a Private Training session to seamlessly transfer training skills to you and your family. You’ll also receive a comprehensive written report card and participate in at least one Leash Manners group class. Opt for our Standard or Premium camps and enjoy a custom training video of your beloved companion for future reference.

Building healthy relationships between people and dogs through effective communication

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Dog Training Camp USA
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John ReganJohn Regan
14:47 25 Jun 24
Our potty water dog, Colette, started training as a frisky 6 month old puppy and graduated as a more mature Princess. We are very happy with both her basic training and post training follow up!
Starla RichterStarla Richter
11:46 10 Jun 24
We absolutely love Dog Training Camp USA. We sent our 5 year old black lab there to assist us with some behaviors typically triggered by over-excitement. After her 3 week stay our pup was behaving like we had never seen! No more pulling on the leash or darting out the front door when it is time for a walk! We continue bringing her back to board there when we are away because we appreciate how the staff gets to know each dog individually and genuinely love spending time with them! They really take the time to get to know your pups and understand your individual concerns. Highly recommend sending your pups here for training!
Della LinesDella Lines
17:40 04 Jun 24
Kind, compassionate trainers
michael andrews jrmichael andrews jr
23:17 29 May 24
Virginia HartVirginia Hart
15:45 21 May 24
We scheduled training for our two German Shepherds with Dog Training Camp USA. We had been working with both dogs already but needed guidance and help on where to go next. They came into our home observed and accessed what needed to be done by spending time with us and the dogs. They were able to see our weaknesses and gave us the tools we needed to correct issues in training. The small tweaks have made a huge difference in our communications with our big babies! The experience was top notch and I can't wait to bring the dogs to a weekend training for our next step. I can not recommend them enough!
Sarah RyanSarah Ryan
22:22 08 May 24
Cory and the ladies at Dog Training Camp are amazing! Our sweet baby gets continued training and all of the love while she’s there. We love getting pictures and videos while we are away. We know our girl is in great hands anytime she’s there!
Jody DensfordJody Densford
21:57 24 Apr 24
Can you speak dog? Well, these ladies do! My young dacshund was having trouble understanding where we wanted her to go to the potty and they explained it all to her! (And then explained it to me. Lol) She came home a pro. The thing I loved most about the employees here is that they loved my dog and treated her like she was their own. They even knew a large kennel with lots of noise may be too much for a young pup and crated her in their office. They knew I was missing her and sent a photo or short text a couple times during her stay at camp. Shaynas confidence was evident when she returned home, too. In the future I will always use them for boarding and any training. If you need someone who speaks dog, look these folks up!
Jenna BenningfieldJenna Benningfield
14:44 17 Apr 24
Cory, Tammy, and Melaney were great to work with. We adopted our boy, Hank, back in December and although he seemed to be the perfect dog, we started noticing he was reactive to other dogs on leashes. We opted for the private/ group package as we knew some one-on-one training would be essential to get a foundation before we graduated to group classes. Long story short, Hank will likely be reactive indefinitely, but now WE have the tools to manage his reactions. We felt so hopeless and had gotten to the point where just going for walks around the block were anxiety-inducing. After our first class, Cory laid a solid foundation for us to manage his reactions. A dog he’d normally have lost his mind over (barking, lunging, etc) he was suddenly more chill about. Over the weeks, we went from not being able to tolerate being in the vicinity of another leashed dog to now being able to attend group classes with minimal issues. On a personal note, I sincerely appreciate the time both Cory and Tammy invested in ME and setting my mind at ease. These women at Dog Training Camp USA clearly care about what they do and have a passion for helping folks to give their four-legged friends the best chance at a happy life!
Scott WalkerScott Walker
19:37 09 Apr 24
Cory & Melaney & the folks at Dog Training Camp Louisville did an amazing job with our German Shepherd. Highly recommend!
Kattie PeercyKattie Peercy
12:51 06 Mar 24
We have had such a positive experience with Cory and Melaney and the team at Dog Training Camp USA! We got our puppy, Beau, this past August and decided to send him to puppy camp where was given some great initial boundaries to help us move in the right direction with his training. This was just as important for us as it was for him as they took the time to review and really train us as well. Once Beau was 7 months old we sent him back for a 3 week training camp. Before he went, we were really starting to struggle with some of his behaviors. We have four kid between the ages of 5 and 14, and some days were so discouraging as he had started to become a little bit of a bully with our crew. I knew he was testing our boundaries but I felt like I just wasn't able to fully train Beau in the positive way that he needed. When we took him back to Melaney and Cory I was feeling so guilty and like I had failed with Beau. The amazing team at Dog Training Camp USA knew us from puppy camp and received Beau with joy and listened to all of my concerns. They came up with a special plan for Beau based off of his normal life at home with us. They did things like cover their floor in toys and sit on the floor, pretending to play as our young kids do in order to train him how to handle the real life situations that are a daily normal for Beau in our home. They took him on field trips and reinforced all of the boundaries that they had initially set up with Beau back at puppy camp. On top of all of that, they were full of love for Beau and trained him with positive and healthy relationships which is such a powerful bottom line under all of the work that they do. Since bringing Beau home from camp we have been amazed!! He isn't perfect but he has truly become a healthy member of our family. I could go on and on about the positive changes in Beau's behavior and about the amazing team at Dog Training Camp USA! I am so thankful we found them!
Hallie HintonHallie Hinton
22:27 04 Mar 24
The ladies at Dog Training Camp USA are AMAZING! We have two very large breed dogs (both 100+ lbs) and these ladies did wonders with them both. They were great communicating with us about their progress throughout their stay. Both of our dogs came back happier, more calm, and easier to manage. They both have a great training foundation board to spring off of as we continue training at home. During our home visit, all of our questions were answered and the entire experience was personal. They do an awesome job of never making you feel incompetent and really help teach you how to understand each dog’s wants/needs. I’m so thankful for these ladies and the difference they have made with our big love bugs. Their unwanted behaviors are at a minimal now (jumping, no personal space, pulling on leash, socialization skills). We highly recommend them to anyone wanting to build a better relationship with their dogs that is healthy, safe, and more positive for all involved.
Samantha RoseSamantha Rose
19:49 06 Feb 24
After my husband and I adopted Bruno, we realized pretty quickly we got in a bit over our heads. Bruno did not like being in a crate and was very difficult to control, especially when he got excited. We called Dog Training Camp and discussed the best options for our particular situation. We opted to enroll Bruno into a training camp. He has been home for two weeks and his behavior is drastically improved! He is very comfortable in his crate, has improved leash manners and is all around calmer and more responsive to us. It is a joy to have him in the house versus a struggle before the training. The trainers were all so understanding and supportive, even when Bruno introduced himself by pooping on one of their jackets 🤦🏼‍♀️. We got great updates on his progress while he was there and the team made sure we had all the tools we needed as his parents to be successful once he got home. I highly recommend them whether it’s training camp or group lessons.
Hope HawkinsHope Hawkins
15:58 05 Feb 24
DTC is great if you are looking to have a well-behaved, family friend! Yogi got so much good training and attention during his 3 weeks at DTC. As Cory said, they “loosened the pickle jar” for us. Our boy kept his personality but gained skills to integrate and interact in the best way for our family. He’s not perfect but gets better every day due to the seeds they planted while he was there. I love that they equipped us with the knowledge to continue their hard work and the opportunities to come back for day sessions or for them to visit our home for training.
Lisa RadcliffLisa Radcliff
15:13 05 Feb 24
Cory and Melaney and their whole crew at Dog Training Camp USA are amazing! We just sent our 7 year old coonhound to them for 3 weeks and couldn't be happier with our dog and all she has learned. Their knowledge, communication, and professionalism is second to none. Not only are they excellent at what they do, but they are great people! We are looking forward to group class and continuing to work with them to help our Nola girl be the best dog she can be! Whoever said you can't teach an old dog new tricks was wrong ;)
Jenna LeeJenna Lee
17:15 02 Feb 24
Dog Training Camp USA is amazing. I felt like they went above and beyond for our Bernese mountain dog, Jett. Cory and her team have made several check ins since we brought him home and even came out to do an in home training session. I highly recommend them if you are interested in the whole package. It’s not just obedience, it’s training your dog how to mix in with your everyday life and their particular needs. Jett isn’t perfect but he gets better everyday with the skills he was taught during his 3 week training and boarding. We are so happy to have our boy back and watch him grow every day!
Hilary HarrisHilary Harris
22:45 05 Jan 24
These ladies are excellent in their care and training of dogs! My new rescue is a handful to say the least. They have been patient, understanding and supportive throughout his training. Melany braved the trip to assist with in home training and Cory was so supportive. Definitely recommend them for anyone in need of training!!~Hilary and Petie
Ame PickenAme Picken
13:54 22 Dec 23
Melanie is a beautiful groomer
Christine FergusonChristine Ferguson
21:42 19 Dec 23
If it weren't for Cory, Melaney, and their incredible team at Dog Training Camp USA, I might not have survived the first year with my two lively Aussies!They took the time to understand not only the unique personalities of my dogs, but also considered my home environment and lifestyle. This personalized approach made all the difference in creating a training plan that was not only effective but also integrated well into our daily lives.I wholeheartedly recommend Dog Training Camp USA to anyone who is looking for trainers that use humane, effective techniques that work in real life situations. Thank you, Cory and Melaney!
Shela BolusShela Bolus
20:36 19 Dec 23
Highly recommend. Corey was very caring and knowledgeable
Heather McCormickHeather McCormick
21:27 05 Dec 23
We went to another trainer first and had horrible experiance. We have a 9 month old Saint Bernard who weighs 140 lbs. They corrected all the issues we had after our previous experance. He is so well behaved (when we are). He comes to our office with us on most days and is the official greeter of all who come in.
Mary NussMary Nuss
16:08 18 Oct 23
Don't you love a rescue dog story where they all lived happily ever after? Me too, but it's not always so easy! Our dog is filled with fear and anxiety and Dog Training Camp USA came to our rescue. We did the three week training camp and we have a happier, more at ease dog. They couldn't make all her fears disappear, but they helped her (and us) learn how to deal with it. Melaney, Cory, Caitlin, and Erica are wonderful and we are so glad they were recommended to us!
Katie GerringKatie Gerring
21:22 16 Aug 23
Cory and Melanie and the rest of the team are absolutely fantastic! We left our one year old corgi pups for two weeks and I was amazed at their progress in such a short time. And the boys had such a good time while there! They made sure to send updates and videos of how they were doing, which was so appreciated when being away from them. Cory and Melanie just came for a home visit to check on their progress today, and within 3 minutes of them arriving, our energetic pups were sitting patiently in another room waiting until we invited them to come into the living room. I never thought that would be possible with these two high energy dogs! I’m so glad we met these wonderful trainers and will absolutely be returning for group classes and continuing education stays!😊
Sydney PrindivilleSydney Prindiville
17:41 01 Aug 23
I contacted Dog Training Camp USA because my 3 year old german shepherd, Bjorn, has a big problem with fear reactivity. He was attacked by two dogs about a year ago and has completely changed. What turned the corner for us to look for a trainer was him trying to attack a family member’s dog. At his consult he was a complete mess. Barking and lunging when they opened the door and not calming down the entire time we were there. He was just so anxious and I was an anxious mess even bringing him in. Cory and Melaney were so patient with him immediately and were able to come up with a plan for him to at least be manageable in social settings. They were always up front and realistic about expectations which I really appreciated. At his first private session, Melaney gave us lots of stuff to work on. Bjorn has always listened to what I tell him but I just didn’t know what to tell him until she showed me. We came back today after 2 weeks of training every day and doing exactly what she told us. He’s a completely different dog. He doesn’t bark when somebody rings our doorbell, he doesn’t charge when we have people over, and he’s learning how to appropriately behave outside the house. Today he was even able to walk closely to other dogs without barking or lunging which honestly I wasn’t sure would ever happen. He even laid down and relaxed. He’s much more confident and so am I. I never wanted to “fix” him, I just wanted to ease his anxiety and make him more comfortable and they gave me the tools to do that. I can’t thank them enough, it really feels like I got my boy back and I’m excited to see how he keeps progressing.
Paul KnopfPaul Knopf
17:05 01 Aug 23
Cory and her team were fantastic! We really enjoyed their attention to detail explaining the lessons taught to us during camp. They also conducted an in house follow up that was very helpful! I would highly recommend sending your dog to the Dog Training Camp USA!
Kayla HaleKayla Hale
15:47 29 Jul 23
Everyone here is so passionate about what they do, and they’re so kind. It seems pricey, but the intensive work they do and the resources they provide you with make it more than worth it. You can always ask the trainers questions and they have been so accommodating with any confusion or issues.
Jennifer LanhamJennifer Lanham
00:58 29 Jul 23
Wonderful staff! I was highly satisfied with their professionalism and training approaches. Many thanks from Harry and Ollie
Kelli BannisterKelli Bannister
21:14 31 May 23
We sent Leah to Dog training camp right around the time she turned 6 months old, she was there for 3 weeks.Our biggest concern was potty training, this girl WOULD NOT go outside to go potty. The amount of time & dedication that Melaney spent with her to potty train her was amazing. She didn’t come home fully potty trained but it was more than enough to help us to continue potty train her. Just ask Cory & Melaney about her.. they will explain how difficult this girl is.Her other training went well too, she hardly ever pulls on her leash anymore & if she does, it’s easy to get her back where she needs to be.Dog training goes beyond dog camp but it’s definitely a wonderful place to start! They also offer continuing education classes so your dog can get refreshers and to also help the parents. Boarding and day camp is also a perk.I’d definitely go back if we ever get another puppy.
Rebecca OliverRebecca Oliver
23:16 15 May 23
We had an amazing experience with all of the staff at Dog Training Camp USA. Our Rip was so loved and came home so much calmer and obedient. Their training has truly changed the environment in our home! So many thanks to the whole staff for taking care of our baby and doing an amazing job with him!!
Kelsey TraughberKelsey Traughber
17:13 12 May 23
Cory is amazing! I foster through Southern Indiana Animal Rescue and needed desperate help with my current foster pup, Donut. I was immediately relieved for her guidance and feel so confident in getting Donut ready for his forever home while working with Cory!

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